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  1. Pronpat Sagunsatapron
    Pronpat Sagunsatapron
    преди 15 часа

    พัสเห็นเจวายพี เป็นครูค่ะ และเคารพ อยากทำตามทุกๆท่านที่หวังดีเลย เค้ามีบุญคุณกับเรา ทุกคนเลยที่เห็นข้อความนี้

  2. syakirah atikah
    syakirah atikah
    преди 3 дни

    Wdzy love you itzy❤️

  3. Mmm Nnn
    Mmm Nnn
    преди 4 дни

    شنو اسم اول اغنيه

  4. Mmm Nnn
    Mmm Nnn
    преди 4 дни

    تجنن الاغنيه

  5. xxxxxxx...... bts
    xxxxxxx...... bts
    преди 6 дни

    Yehi was on another level please protect her she deserve love 💕 my baby girl 😘

  6. Kl14
    преди 7 дни

  7. E
    преди 7 дни

    I'm new here... is it weird to want english subs? 😅

  8. Michael Marcelino
    Michael Marcelino
    преди 8 дни

    Bat mo ako babae

  9. Kl26
    преди 8 дни

  10. #_نورسين.
    преди 10 дни

    I love you

  11. Alina Kim
    Alina Kim
    преди 11 дни


  12. Scnyum Manis
    Scnyum Manis
    преди 11 дни

    Flop? No!!!

  13. Patty S
    Patty S
    преди 14 дни

    Me: scrolling down just liking comments about Lia, my girl.

  14. Nick Paz
    Nick Paz
    преди 15 дни

    Whats the guess who?

  15. Qw93
    преди 16 дни

  16. Qw93
    преди 17 дни

  17. Qw99
    преди 17 дни

  18. Diksha gulati
    Diksha gulati
    преди 19 дни

    they are getting better and better every comeback you guys are amazing don’t worry midzy love you !!!

  19. Qw63
    преди 19 дни

  20. Дима Костенюк
    Дима Костенюк
    преди 19 дни


  21. shahad
    преди 19 дни

    I’ve never seen a kpop gg have all their members sing so powerfully and well Itzy is insane

  22. Tawfik Soudani
    Tawfik Soudani
    преди 20 дни

    أين العرب يلي شاف تعليقي يعمل لايك 🙂🔝🔙🔚🔛🔜🔝

  23. Top Ten
    Top Ten
    преди 21 ден

  24. k
    преди 21 ден


  25. {jin_hit} Labels
    {jin_hit} Labels
    преди 22 дни

    Why I feel like this girls is so special we can't have girls like them anywhere.

  26. {jin_hit} Labels
    {jin_hit} Labels
    преди 22 дни

    Yuna voice here hit different . Edit: actually everything in yuna hit different

  27. 감자그라탕
    преди 22 дни

    mc 꼬라지 ㅋㅋㅋ 돈벌기 싫지 아주?

  28. Too multifandom to pick a name :/
    Too multifandom to pick a name :/
    преди 23 дни

    Chaer so precious 🥺💖

  29. Yehokhanan
    преди 23 дни

    Funny thing is they really called that MC as they say they'll do in the past

    преди 25 дни

    english sub :(

  31. Mariel Allauigan
    Mariel Allauigan
    преди 25 дни

    This screams perfection damn

  32. Sara Arreza
    Sara Arreza
    преди 25 дни

    I LOVE ITZY GUES?? WHO♥️♥️♥️🖤🖤😁😁

  33. Aja Shedrick
    Aja Shedrick
    преди 25 дни

    Blackpink: in school dresses Itzy: omg were in the same school bts: twice: omg ;-;

  34. 김] kim Haeun
    김] kim Haeun
    преди 26 дни

    преди 26 дни

    some of y'all dont understand ryujin's power y'all be safe out there

  36. Bixcoitinha
    преди 26 дни

    A própria perfeição 👁👄👁🙌🏻

  37. STBXT Lyrics
    STBXT Lyrics
    преди 26 дни

    I am so shocked like why you i mean jyp did it like why if you didn't release shoot you didn't got a lot of loss but why you have to plagiarized someone song like snow kong why i am so disappointed like why:( idk but that was too much now look you have to gone through so much for this and don't try to cover that jyp please

  38. SonicAwareness
    преди 26 дни

    English subs, please!

  39. 桜桃
    преди 27 дни


  40. Miwa aestehtic
    Miwa aestehtic
    преди 27 дни

    Crazy this song is incredible

  41. Queen lisa#respectrosé#anneyeneoldu
    Queen lisa#respectrosé#anneyeneoldu
    преди 27 дни

    Please open the new girl kpop group in 2031 because it is itzy and niziu already, it is 2031 misunderstanding I love both of them, by the way I RECEIVED VOCAL AND DANCE AWARDS please make the new girl group in 2031 please I will join too Pleasee This is my dream please start the new girl kpop group in 2031 pleasenn i got dance and vocal awards please come and open in 2031 💞💞💞

  42. 서광aurora
    преди 27 дни

    Welcome back to awesome girls.

  43. Hann Pepper •🌶️
    Hann Pepper •🌶️
    преди 27 дни

    1:00 - Sorry Not Sorry 4:48 - 마.피.아 In The Morning

  44. 鹿鹿梦 x Somili
    鹿鹿梦 x Somili
    преди 28 дни

    I wna see a Shoot dance 😭

  45. kim yuna
    kim yuna
    преди 28 дни

    After 300k like🦋😼

  46. Serap İlhan
    Serap İlhan
    преди месец

    Milyon olmadan geldim

  47. استغفر الله الحمد لله
    استغفر الله الحمد لله
    преди месец

    بايستي يونا

  48. Hasefuchs
    преди месец

    The performance is amazing. Every move perfectly practiced.

  49. BD. Noli
    BD. Noli
    преди месец

    노래와 비슷하지만 그들은 달콤하고 당신이 당신을 그리워하지 않을 것입니다. ❤😍🇰🇷😘💜

  50. German Monje
    German Monje
    преди месец


  51. German Monje
    German Monje
    преди месец


  52. German Monje
    German Monje
    преди месец


  53. Shanchui Zimik
    Shanchui Zimik
    преди месец

    All of them are awesome

  54. Shanchui Zimik
    Shanchui Zimik
    преди месец

    Love u 😘 ITZY

  55. 박영민
    преди месец

    Faight thing itzy

  56. Mahesa Wong
    Mahesa Wong
    преди месец


  57. Blackpink No.1 Fan
    Blackpink No.1 Fan
    преди месец


  58. Ashlee Hero
    Ashlee Hero
    преди месец

    Wow just look at all those momo backup dancers in the beginning

  59. Gizli hayranlar
    Gizli hayranlar
    преди месец

    Yessss ıtzy luna ❤💓

  60. borednumi :P
    borednumi :P
    преди месец

    In the beginning I thought it was cyberpunk Lmao

  61. Mohammed BHAKTEAR
    Mohammed BHAKTEAR
    преди месец

    First time i see itzy song but iam a blink but i love wannabe, not shy song cool 🥰🥰

  62. Deniz
    преди месец

    Yuna fans

  63. Blackpink No.1 Fan
    Blackpink No.1 Fan
    преди месец

    Can you guys please tell me who is the girl with the orange hair. I just started stanning them

    1. Hasiah Umpa
      Hasiah Umpa
      преди 25 дни

      yeji. she is the leader of the group

  64. 성이름
    преди месец

    또 제재냐.. 쟨 언제쯤 내려가냐 양예원 사건 pd 개묻혔네

  65. Bunda Murka
    Bunda Murka
    преди месец


  66. 뭐뭐요
    преди месец


  67. K-pop stars
    K-pop stars
    преди месец

    why does this give me the "who's next" vibe

  68. Nie__ 1348
    Nie__ 1348
    преди месец

    Their beauty is deadly...

  69. clara natalie
    clara natalie
    преди месец

    My ryujin swag girl is comeback!!!

  70. Montoya Gutiérrez Luisa María
    Montoya Gutiérrez Luisa María
    преди месец

    en la primera cancion no se por que se me ocurrio el nombre itzy y las momos hshshjs

  71. The Will5 OFFICIAL
    The Will5 OFFICIAL
    преди месец

    👉 Check out our new cover clip: #ITZY #thewill5 #GUESSWHO #MAFIAINTHEMORNING #NickiMinaj #Itzy_guesswho 🍭 Thank you 🍭 👉 Can you share this clip and subscribe our channel?? Thank you and love you so much for it 😍

  72. 나동이林
    преди месец

    ITZY ❤ MIDZY 🙋👏👏 👇

  73. MrHongprince
    преди месец

    mc Shit

  74. オマール海老
    преди месец


  75. JennieBlink
    преди месец

    Yuna is beautiful

  76. 이현석
    преди месец

    있 지화이팅요😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🎗🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🌍🌍🌍🌍🌎🌎🌏🌏🌏🌏🌎🌎🌏🌎🌎🌎🌎🌏🌏🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  77. Ezra Niña Bogay
    Ezra Niña Bogay
    преди месец

    Lia stans where are you?😶

  78. grecia velasquez
    grecia velasquez
    преди месец


  79. grecia velasquez
    grecia velasquez
    преди месец

    No te reconici lia

  80. achim en
    achim en
    преди месец


    преди месец

    Rasa ingin menjadi mc nya..🧘‍♀️

  82. benonp
    преди месец

    28:02 omg RYUJIN 😂

  83. Shantal Diaz
    Shantal Diaz
    преди месец


  84. Shantal Diaz
    Shantal Diaz
    преди месец

    Que regreso tan hermoso

  85. Ansh Rao
    Ansh Rao
    преди месец


  86. blackpink peaches
    blackpink peaches
    преди месец


  87. Monse González
    Monse González
    преди месец


  88. 가르송커피
    преди месец

    다 좋은데 진행자가 씨발이네...

  89. Fic Kim
    Fic Kim
    преди месец

    ai papai, apaixonei

  90. eriya yu
    eriya yu
    преди месец

    이래서 블핑이라는 말이 나왔구먼 에휴 이쁘고 잘하는 애들 델고 진짜 뭐하는 짓이야

  91. Lalisa Manoban
    Lalisa Manoban
    преди месец

    Yuna now is a BAD A*S

  92. Arccanist
    преди месец

    i thought the intro was cyberpunk

  93. neko_gee
    преди месец

    34:24 chorus 51:56 shoot

  94. The Purple Mariposa
    The Purple Mariposa
    преди месец

    AHHHH all the girls look so amazing- i love all of them- but I’m so happy Chaeryoung got more likes and all of them got equal lines they deserve it. But like can we talk about Chaeryoungs MAIN PARTS AND CENTERS BUT ALL THE GIRLS DID SO AMAZINGG

  95. Sophia Lee
    Sophia Lee
    преди месец


  96. Adovian The 🌍
    Adovian The 🌍
    преди месец

    Itzy and Everglow upset my bias ranking everytime they release lmao it’s like 2ne1 and GG back in the day bc the music is always next level catchy but never what you’d expect and same for the concepts sidebar: get into yuna hair flip at 13:18 how are you between being fierce

  97. Niyaa :D
    Niyaa :D
    преди месец

    this feels like a free guess who concert and im happy ^^

  98. Aliva Das
    Aliva Das
    преди месец

    I like the group, i like the host..I don't need eng subs to watch 😌

  99. Desiree D
    Desiree D
    преди месец

    Who else love it when Lia is in the center? Don't get me wrong, I love all of the members but there's something about Lia that makes you root for her all the way.

  100. some native
    some native
    преди месец

    Still no English subs 😢